The Politics 4.o Games are all about finding the best question before attempting to answer the wrong one. What a concept. Arguing over the answers to the wrong question is something one would do in Politics 2.o and 3.o. Recently, I came across this interesting question.

“Which four sides of the ideologically balanced table best align with the four kinds of love?”

To review, the four sides of the table are Thrift/Governance (TG), Thrift/Commerce (TC), Abundance/Governance (AG), and Abundance/Commerce (AC). No one side is better than the other, and in society, we need all four. There is a time to…

Jon Denn

Founder, The Politics 4.0 Games :: What Can We Agree On? If you care, why don’t you join us on the Field of Ideas? Build Teams, Build Solutions, Build Trust ::

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